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Outline Planning Application 14/01417/OUT

The official deadline for responding to this application has now passed but nevertheless if you have not responded and wish to do so, please respond immediately, it is unlikely you can do so online but write to the Chief Planning Officer at Rushcliffe.

It is NOT the case that the fight against this huge development is lost, the landowners are submitting this application but do not necessarily have any developers interested

Planning Application – 14/01417/OUT

Oxalis Planning have submitted an outline application for the development of a sustainable urban extension within the parish comprising residential development up to a maximum of 3000 dwellings; B1, B2 and B3 floorspace , retail development and various other uses. For full details go to or telephone the case officer, Ms Michelle Dunne. on 0115 914 8223 extension 223.

The closing date for submissions is 29th August; it is important you respond to this application before this date. The parish council will be distributing a newsletter with advice on how best to object to this application.